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Your collective agreement in brief - HÖK 18

Here are some clarifications of the more important parts of the agreement. Read the current text of the agreement to keep track of the exact content.

The collective agreement was signed by Lärarförbundet and Lärarnas Riksförbund through Lärarnas samverkansråd (Teachers' Collaboration Council) and is valid from 01/04/2018 to 31/03/2021 for teachers, head teachers and study and career advisers, employees of municipalities, county councils and Sobona (formerly Pacta) companies. It covers all forms of school and educational activities of these employers.

Companies previously part of KFS are subject to other collective agreements.

The agreement includes

  • Appendix 1 - The payment agreement describing salary reviews and any applicable figures
  • Appendix 2-Other terms and conditions of employment, general provisions (GP)
  • Appendix M - working hour regulation for teachers in fixed-term employment
  • Annex L - Terms and conditions for work on school camps and similar

Full agreement with appendices in Swedish is found here.

Pay review

  • Pay reviews normally cover employees employed permanently at the time of the pay review. There may be other local agreements. Speak to your local union branch about what applies to you.
  • The new salary normally applies from April 1.
  • Pay is set individually, with no collective or individual guarantees.
  • Pay reviews are implemented in conjunction with individual salary discussions (lönesamtal) and/or negotiations based on a locally agreed negotiation model.

Pay for teachers with “ferieanställning”

  • If you are on parental or study leave, in certain situations you can return to work and be paid during the school holidays. This often requires returning to work 7 days before the start of the holiday. Discuss the pros and cons with Lärarförbundet before deciding.
  • If you are on sickness, parental or rehabilitation leave during the holidays, you will also accumulate holiday pay. If you then do not take your holiday during the summer (25, 31 or 32 days depending on age), request as soon as possible to take the corresponding holiday during the year (you will then not receive pay).

Working hours


  • consists of 40 hours per week
  • the calculation period may not exceed 16 weeks

Ferieanställning according to appendix M

  • consists of an average of 1,767 hours per year.
  • 1,360 hours are regulated by the employer.
  • other time is flexible working hours.
  • working hours must be planned for at least 3 calculation periods.
  • A benchmark of 104 hours per teacher to be set aside for skills development.

For everyone

  • Overtime, additional work, and out-of-hours work are compensated – but not in the event of flexible working hours.
  • Overtime is compensated with 180/240% of the hourly wage per overtime hour or 1.5/2 hours of leave in lieu. (simple/qualified overtime).
  • Additional work is compensated with 120% of the hourly wage, or with an equal amount of hours in lieu.
  • Out-of-hours work is compensated in accordance with the table.
  • The staggering of working hours is compensated in the case of semesteranställning.

Holidays and allowances

  • Holiday benefits are in accordance with the Annual Leave Act unless otherwise stated.
  • The number of holiday days is set to 25. From 40 years of age, this increases to 31 days and 32 days at 50 years of age.
  • You can accumulate a maximum of 40 holiday days.
  • You accumulate holiday throughout the calendar year. After the summer, you may therefore be "in debt" in terms of holiday until the new year.
  • If, on your employer's initiative, you only take 14 days of vacation or less during the summer, you will receive two extra days of paid leave. A summer holiday of 15-19 days means one extra day of paid leave.
  • The holiday supplement for those on a monthly salary is approximately one hour’s pay per day.
  • If you are not on a monthly salary, holiday pay is 12% of holiday salary.
  • If you have a ferieanställning, there are a number of deviations from the holiday rules.

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