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​Welcome to Lärarförbundet

Lärarförbundet is Sweden’s largest professional trade union for every category of teacher, head teacher, student teacher and study and careers advisors.

Welcome to Lärarförbundet -the Swedish Teachers' Union, Sweden’s largest professional trade union for teachers, head teachers, student teachers and study and careers advisors.

We represent over 234,000 teachers of all kinds in schools, preschools, leisure time centres, adult-education centres, universities, etc.

It all starts with good teachers

Lärarförbundet is the only organisation to harness the power of the entire teaching profession. We are the largest because we know that it is when we come together that we are best equipped to be good teachers and head teachers. This is why we refuse to play different categories of teachers or teachers and head teachers off against one another. The alternative to unity is devastating – a fragmented profession voluntarily gives away the power to influence its own development to others.

By bringing the whole profession together in our union, we strengthen our influence and position. We know that together we have the answers to what needs to happen in the workplace, in the teaching profession and throughout the school system in Sweden.

How does Lärarförbundet work?

We work to defend and improve our members’ rights in areas such as salaries, working hours, the working environment and professional development.

This occurs through dialogue and negotiation with employers, by Lärarförbundet’s representatives in the workplace, on a local and national level as well as through advocacy work in relation to decision makers and the general public. We also work internationally to promote the right of everyone to quality education and the freedom of teachers to join a trade union.

Our values

Stronger Together
We are a strong and united autonomous profession. Our actions are based upon knowledge gained through education and experience. We see legislation and collective agreement as tools to improve the working environment, creating the necessary preconditions to reach our goals. Collectively we take responsibility for our work ethic and furthering the development of our profession.

The work of Lärarförbundet is based on solidarity within the profession in the workplace, both in Sweden and worldwide. We show solidarity with each other by signing collective agreements, improving our conditions and increasing our professional influence. We find strength in working together, focusing on solutions to teachers’ issues. Through cooperation with organisations in Sweden and in other countries, we work for democratic development and for the right of every teacher to organise in strong, independent and democratic trade unions, both in Sweden and internationally.

Lifelong learning
Learning should be possible throughout life. All children, pupils, students and teachers must have access to publicly-funded education with sustainable conditions. Education must be equal for all and of high quality. It should be based on scientific and artistic foundations and proven experience and be non-denominational.

Human rights
Lärarförbundet takes a stand on and works for human rights. We adhere to the UN General Declaration on Human Rights and to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. We believe that a multicultural society benefits Sweden and that everyone has the potential to develop and contribute to the development of society through their knowledge and experience. This is why Lärarförbundet dissociates itself from all forms of abuse, discrimination and segregation, and works to achieve an equal and inclusive society.

Democracy and openness are basic prerequisites when building the future and must be constantly defended and developed. We are a significant presence in society and, through our role as an active party working in the Swedish labour we contribute to Sweden’s democratic development. All of Lärarförbundet’s activities are organised in a way that favours a democratic process. Different opinions are expressed and met with respect.

Politically unaffiliated
Lärarförbundet has no party-political affiliation. We pursue and take a position on political issues with the same intensity regardless of which party is in power. This is based on Lärarförbundet’s values and established policies.

Contact Lärarförbundet here

If you have any questions about membership, your salary or your working conditions – get in touch! You can call Kontakten (Lärarförbundet’s Membership Services) between 8 am – 5 pm from Monday to Friday.

From Sweden: 0770 3303 03

From abroad: +46 770 33 03 03

If you are already working as a teacher feel free to contact your Lärarförbundet workplace representative.

Want to join?

Becoming a member is easy: simply fill out the membership application form. You can find a printable English version of the application form here!

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