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The Almega independent schools collective bargaining agreement

The agreement between Lärarförbundet, Lärarnas Riksförbund and Almega Tjänsteföretagen is valid from September 1st 2021 until August 31st 2023. The agreement has been translated to English.

The Independent Schools Agreement applies to teachers (in all school forms), principals and guidance counsellors who are employed by independent school companies linked to the employers' organization Almega Tjänsteföretagen.

The collective agreement has been translated in its entirety by Almega and us – you can find it in pdf on this page ("Bilagor").

Important: The original Swedish wording of the conditions in the agreement shall prevail in case of dispute.

News in the new collective agreement

The parties have taken important steps to strengthen the clarity of working time and work environment issues. This has been manifested through clearer demands on the employers to work with, and balance, the working hours and work content for teachers, principals and guidance counsellors. This is also reinforced by the fact that central parties also will take a more supportive role by assisting local parties when needed in matters concerning employees' work environment.

We also agree with Almega on the need to raise the status of teachers, school principals and guidance counsellors and to strengthen the attractiveness of the profession.

Some of our most important demands in the contract negotiations were:

  • salary levels that attract qualified and licensed teachers, school principals and guidance counsellors and a salary structure that ensures that those who are experienced and skilled stay in the profession.
  • local collective agreements that govern how the staffing and distribution of tasks is handled.
  • improvements to the parental leave supplement - A certain period of employment is required to receive the supplement. Pregnant workers risk being disadvantaged as, unlike the parent who does not give birth to the child, they cannot plan their leave in the same way.
  • Clear conditions when working at school trips and camp school.
  • that models are developed that make it possible to work part-time at the end of working life, so that those who can and want are able to retire later.

We have succeeded regarding many of our requirements. We have also stopped several issues that from the Lärarförbundet’s perspective could have led to worse conditions regarding the working environment.

Working environment

We agree that before each working year/semester, the employer must plan your work tasks together with you and how your working hours are to be arranged. We also agree on the importance of sufficient time for planning and follow-up.

In determining working hours and work content, the conditions of the individual teacher, principal or guidance counselor, subjects taught, tasks in addition to teaching, the nature of the service, and - very positively - to trade union assignments, and competence development must be considered.

The central parties also agree to find ways in a working group to increase knowledge of rules and support materials regarding the working environment. The working group will also look at principals working environment.


The parties agree on the importance of long-term strategies to achieve a desired wage structure and strengthen the legitimacy of wage formation.

Special focus shall be placed on ensuring that the salary levels are such that one can attract and retain qualified and licensed teachers, principals and guidance counselors. Development and good performance must pay off, as well as experience and professional skills.

Other terms

We have succeeded in negotiating and agreeing on basic conditions in connection with school trips. It regulates working hours, that staffing and responsibilities must be clarified before the trip, compensation, and that the insurance situation must be clarified before departure and allows local adaptation.

We have seen improvements in the parental supplement, in particular with the removal of the second qualification requirement for employment three months after the end of the leave - this means that as long as you meet the other qualification thresholds (1, 2, and 3 years), no one risks miss all or part of the supplement. The fact that it is also paid monthly is another modernization.

We have removed several restrictions on the right to sick pay in a way that strengthens our ambition for a collective agreement that is sustainable in the long term in both the age and disability perspective.

All of the so-called “krontalsersättningar” (e.g. the last part of 4:3, and 4:6) will be increased during the agreement period. Note, however, that it has nothing to do with wage increases.

What happens now?

The payroll processes can be initiated, implemented and completed. New salary applies retroactively from 1 September 2022, unless otherwise agreed locally. The two-year contract period contained two salary revision dates (1 September 2021 and 2022 respectively).

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