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​Teachers’ salaries in Sweden

The market has a major impact on salary levels.

The market has a major impact on salary levels.

Here is a short summary of you how to negotiate your salary and what to expect if you want to teach, or perhaps already teaching in Sweden.

In Sweden, teachers’ salaries are set individually based on competence, qualifications, experience, the market situation and how the work is carried out. Age, experience in the profession, teaching subject and the age of the students, however, are not specific criteria that are applied when setting salaries. When you agree to take up a post, you negotiate your own salary.

Be prepared

There is no “right salary”; the salary you and your employer agree on is the one that will apply. Ahead of such a discussion, it is important to know what the salary situation looks like, for that particular employer, for other employers in the region, and how in demand teachers with your qualifications and experience are right now.

What teachers earn in Sweden

Most teachers earn between SEK 28,000 and SEK 40,000, and demand for teachers is growing. Today, newly qualified teachers across several groups in some regions earn a starting salary in the order of SEK 30,000 or SEK 35,000. Salaries in excess of SEK 40,000 are becoming increasingly common and there are some above 50,000. Salaries can thus differ a great deal depending on where in Sweden you work and what type of skillset you have. This means that the market has a major impact on salary levels. Salaries are rising more in areas with a significant teacher shortage.

Apply for several jobs and set the bar high

It can be worth applying for several jobs at the same time. Consider what you think the teaching job is worth, along with your experience and qualities. Set the bar high and make sure you have arguments to back up your requirements. Also consider how low a salary you are prepared to accept if, in the end, the job is more important than the higher salary. If you are not entirely happy with the employer’s offer, ask for time to think about it and get back to them.

Salaries are generally reviewed once a year. The procedure is determined by the collective agreement, where such an agreement exists, and by what the local parties agree amongst themselves.

Where to turn with employment issues

You can always contact us here at Lärarförbundet for help with union issues. You can either turn to your local branch where you live, or you can call or email Membership Services.



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