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Online Training for Union Representatives and Safety Representatives in English

Lärarförbundet invites all Local Union representatives and Safety representatives to our online training courses. The courses aim to provide the participants with basic knowledge regarding Swedish labour law,the Work Environment Act and other work environmental regulations.

Training for union representatives, autumn 2021

Welcome to Lärarförbundet's basic union training for union representatives. The training will be hold digitally, on Teams.

This course aims to provide the participants some basic knowledge regarding Swedish labor law, Collective agreements, learning some negotiations skills and understanding the role as a Lärarförbundet union representative.


  • The role of a Lärarförbundet Union representative
  • Communication: how to address current issueswhile engaging the members at the workplace.
  • Ethics in the Teachingprofession and Ethics in the role of a Union representative.
  • Basic information regarding Swedish Labour law, other connected legislations and collective bargaining agreements.
  • Local negotiations at the workplace according to the Co- Determination Act. Practical information.

    You will receive an invitation to the online meeting, once you have signed up, in due time forthe meeting. Welcome!

Training for safety representatives

Welcome to Lärarförbundet's basic union training for safety representatives.

This course aims to provide the participants with a basic understanding of the Work Environment Act, other work environmental regulations and how to adapt this knowledge when dealing with work environment related issues, at the workplace.


  • Being a safety representative: role, tools, powers and work environmental safety area.
  • The Work Environment Act.
  • Systematic Work Environment Management.
  • Risk assessments and action plans.
  • Practical work environmental issues at the workplace.
  • Rehabilitation. Practical information.

An invitation to the online meeting will be sent to you, after you have signed up, in due time prior to the meeting.

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