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Lärarförbundet - Organisational Structure

The National Executive Board is responsible for Lärarförbundet’s activities at a national level.

The National Executive Board is responsible for Lärarförbundet’s activities at a national level.

Lärarförbundet, the Swedish Teachers' Union, is Sweden’s largest professional teacher trade union. If you are a teacher, head teacher, study and career adviser, or a student teacher you are welcome to become a member of Lärarförbundet.

How our organization works.

Lärarförbundet is active throughout the country. In most workplaces where Lärarförbundet has members we have a workplace representative who works as a teacher at the school. Lärarförbundet has local branches in every municipality. There are also national bodies for collective bargaining, advocacy and coordination of the union’s activities.

At national level

The National Executive Board is responsible for Lärarförbundet’s activities at a national level. The Board has 14 members and it is they who lead the work of Lärarförbundet. The union’s president is Johanna Jaara Åstrand. The National Executive Board is elected at Lärarförbundets congress, which is held every four years. Our national organisation focuses on national negotiations, influencing politicians at a national level and coordinating the union’s activities.

Local branches

Lärarförbundet has a local branch in every municipality in addition to national branches for private-sector and public-sector employees. The tasks of the local branch are to listen to its members, act to improve its members’ working lives and to recruit new members. Based on the needs and ideas of its members, the local branch is continuously developing the work of Lärarförbundet on a local level. A key responsibility of the local branches is to negotiate with the employer and conclude local collective agreements. The local executive board also monitors developments in the workplace, conducts lobbying work, organises union training and meetings for workplace representatives and members.

Workplace representatives

The most important activities emanate from members in the workplace, with an elected workplace representative as a coordinating force. It is in the workplace that members discuss their situation, formulate their needs and ideas and solve problems in dialogue with the employer. It is also here that development work takes place and the foundations are laid for salary rises. The workplace representative is a key figure in these processes and a link with the local branch.

Health and safety officers

The task of the health and safety officer is to monitor the physical and psychosocial working environment, ensuring that work is safe, that the working environment is not disturbing or harmful and that the workplace is not a source of stress, conflict or discrimination. The health and safety officer and the workplace representative are often one and the same person.

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