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Fast Track - an opportunity for newly-arrived teachers

Fast Track is open to teachers with a degree-level qualification from another country. There is a national shortage of teachers and preschool teachers. At the same time, many immigrants and refugees arriving in Sweden have a background in teaching.

The idea of Fast Tracking for teachers and preschool teachers is to give newly-arrived teachers a chance to resume teaching as quickly as possible, via work experience and employment.

If you have a degree-level teacher qualification

You can start your studies before you have a permanent residence permit. Fast Track is open to people with a degree-level qualification from another country as a teacher or preschool teacher.

Fast Track consists of several different parts. At its core is the supplementary teacher training (kompletterande pedagogisk utbildning – KPU) which prepares teachers for the Swedish school system. KPU also includes workplace training.

Fast Track and ULV available at six universities

Fast Track programmes are provided at six universities: University of Gothenburg, Malmö University, Linköping University, Stockholm University, Umeå University and Örebro University.

These are the same universities currently offering supplementary training for foreign teachers known as ULV (utländska lärares vidareutbildning), which is a longer programme leading to a Swedish teaching degree.

Read more about Fast Track in English on the Swedish Public Employment Service website.

Read more in Swedish, Arabic and Russian about the ULV programme here.

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