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Becoming a member of Lärarförbundet

Lärarförbundet - the Swedish Teachers' Union – is an organization for teachers, head teachers and student teachers throughout the Swedish education system. Membership of Lärarförbundet is voluntary.

Anyone with a teaching degree or who is studying to become a teacher in the following institutions is welcome:

  • Preschool
  • Preschool class
  • Leisure-time centres
  • Other pedagogical activities
  • Compulsory school
  • Upper secondary school
  • Supplementary school
  • Adult education
  • Folk high schools (independent adult education colleges)
  • Higher vocational education
  • Universities and university colleges

Head teachers can also be members of Lärarförbundet

Benefits for members

Many benefits await you as a member of Lärarförbundet., These include professional development courses, members' magazines, digital tools giving you an overview of your salary and working hours as well as insurance offers and discounts.

Support and advice regarding your work situation and career planning.

In the unfortunate event that you are subject to discrimination or harassment, Lärarförbundet also provides legal support for our members.

Membership of Lärarförbundet is also an opportunity to become involved in union work in order to influence the situation of teachers and education on a local, national and global level.

Membership fees

Membership fees are deducted from salary, but with some independent employers you may need to pay membership through a monthly personal bank transfer. In the following section you will find detailed information on membership fees:

Professionally active members

290 SEK/month – paid by all professionally-active members working at least 75% of a full-time post.

150 SEK/month – paid by other professionally-active members working 74% or less of a full-time post.

If you are temporarily on parental leave, unemployed, on sick leave, studying within another discipline or on unpaid leave, don’t forget to inform Lärarförbundet on +46 770-33 03 03.

Student teachers

If you are a student teacher, you do not pay a membership fee while training to be a teacher. Most member benefits are included, such as training in the form of courses and seminars, offers, support and advice, and much more. You will receive Lärarnas tidning for free.


As a newly-qualified teacher, you receive extra benefits. When you graduate, you will pay only 100 SEK membership fee in total for the entire year in your first year after graduation. For the second year after graduation, the fee is discounted, and you will only pay 150 SEK per month. When you become a full-time employee after your studies, you will retain all benefits and also receive an income insurance that, together with the unemployment insurance fund, will replace up to 80% of lost income if you lose your job.

PhD students pay 40 SEK per month.

Join Lärarförbundet

You can join Lärarförbundet here or by calling Kontakten - Lärarförbundet’s membership services.

From Sweden: 0770-33 03 03.

From abroad: +46 770 33 03 03

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