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Questions and answers on reorganizing members employed by private employers or by the state

The Teachers' Union is reorganizing to better benefit members employed by private employers or by the state. The change took place the 1 st july 2020. On this page we answer some frequently asked questions about the change. If you have further questions, please contact the Teachers' Union in the municipality where you are working or our central contact-service: 0770-33 03 03.

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What is changed?

If you are employed by a private employer, an organisation or by state authorities, you get better support and service and can involve in union work to influence in your special issues. Instead of affiliate to the municipality based union branch, you and your colleagues can start a union branch at your workplace or a new branch within, for example, a business group.

Why is this?

Our traditional municipal union organisation could not meet the special conditions that exist at workplaces with private or state employers.
The number of private employers within the school system has increased the last decades and our organisation has not adapted to this development. Members in these workplaces are underrepresented in the decision making body of the Teachers' Union, and have less opportunities to influence. We want to change this!

Which members are affected?

15,000 members working in:

  • Private companies (ltd. companies etc).
  • Organisations (economic, non-profit, foundations etc.).
  • State authorities.

Which members are not affected?

  • Members who work in municipal run workplaces.
  • Members in the already existing national branches for Academedia, SPSM and in the consultative branch for universities and college universities.
  • Members in folk high schools and members in workplaces run by the Swedish Church.

How can I get more involved?

You can be a member of a club, you can be a union representative on the workplace and you can get involved in a consultative body. Members will be elected to the body at the workplaces to influence in important issues regionally and nationally.
After the summer we will give more information on the consultative body and how to nominate members.

Who can I contact?

If you have any questions, please contact the union branch in the municipality where you are working or Lärarförbundet Kontakt. You can also call us on 0770-33 03 03.

Information to employers

From July 1st 2020, members of the Teachers 'Union working in private companies, organisations and state authorities have a national organisation within the Teachers' Union instead of being a part of the local union branch that organize members with municipal employers.

Read more about how to get in touch with Lärarförbundet (only in swedish)

What is a national or consultative branch?

A consultative branch consists of several workplaces with different employers. Until now there has only been one consultative branch: the branch for universities and university colleges.

A national branch consists of several workplaces, for example within nationwide companies or organisations.

Consultative or national branches have a board that operates on a non-profit basis and/or gets payed by the employer(s) for union work (according to the collective agreement). The Teachers' Union does not provide funds for income-loss for union work.

Existing national and consultative branches:

  • AcadeMedia (national branch).
  • State Institution Board, SiS (national branch).
  • Special Education School Authority, SPSM (national branch).
  • University and college universities (consultative branch).

Learn how to form a national or consultative branch (only in Swedish).

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